Configure OrientDB as a Service

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Scripts in the /etc/init.d directory may be used to run processes as services.

The commands for starting, stopping, and restarting the OrientDB Server are:

> sudo service orientdb start > sudo service orientdb stop > sudo service orientdb restart 

The script for /etc/init.d/orientdb is:

export ORIENTDB_HOME=/opt/orientdb case "$1" in start) echo "Starting OrientDB Server" cd /opt/orientdb/bin nohup sudo -u orientdb ./ > /var/log/orientdb.log 2>&1& echo "OrientDB Server was started" ;; stop) echo "Stopping OrientDB Server" /opt/orientdb/bin/ echo "OrientDB Server was stopped" ;; restart) # Re-run this script with stop and start arguments. $0 stop sleep 5 $0 start ;; *) echo "Usage orientdb {start|stop|restart}" ;; esac exit 0


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